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*Bucket List Trips for 2019*

Cruise to Both Ends of the Earth

with Beyond Group Travel

Beyond Group Travel invites you to join one or both of our very special groups in 2019, exploring both Poles!

Travel Roundtrip Ushuaia - See It With Your Own Eyes

January 26, 2019 to February 5, 2019

Traversing Drake’s eponymous passage offers an unforgettable opportunity to follow in the footsteps of explorers like Admunsen and Shackleton and to see iconic wildlife of this astonishing 7th continent. Have your binoculars and cameras ready as you sail closer to the Antarctic Peninsula, and look for seals basking on ice floes, Macaroni penguin, and the prodigious Orca whale. Begin and end your expedition at the “world’s end”, Ushuaia. 

Expedition Highlights:

  • Cross the Drake Passage and see Black-browed Albatross, Cape Petrels, White-chinned Petrels and Sooty Shearwaters.
  • Venture into the Antarctic Sound and witness its magnificent array of tabular icebergs, historical sites plus Adelie and Gentoo Penguin rookeries.
  • Gentoo Penguins, Kelp Gulls and South Polar Skuas are usually found breeding on Pleneau Island and Southern elephant seals are often hauled-out in wallows.
  • Go ashore Deception Island with it interesting history - from whaling to scientific studies – see the remains of a former whaling station. 


Day 1 — Ushuaia, Argentina

Embark Silver Cloud in Ushuaia, settle in and attend a mandatory safety drill before leaving port. During the afternoon you will be introduced to some of the important crew members and your Expedition Team. At sail away bid farewell to Tierra del Fuego, the ‘Land at the End of the World’. 

Days 2–3 — Drake Passage

As we set sail on our initial transit, familiarize yourself with the elegant Silver Cloud and the Expedition Team members. Partake in wildlife, geography and history discussions hosted by our expert Team Members and naturalists and attend talks by our guest lecturers preparing you for the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

The Drake Passage has a notorious reputation for its turbulent seas due to the westerly winds and the funneling effect of the passage, but with modern navigational aids and stabilizers Silver Cloud will bring you safely across these southern waters.

Spend some time on deck watching the horizon and the variety of seabirds that glide in the air currents of our ship’s wake -such as the Black-browed Albatross, Cape Petrels, White-chinned Petrels and Sooty Shearwaters.

Day 4 — Antarctic Sound

We will start our Antarctic experiences at the top of the Antarctic Peninsula, venturing into Antarctic Sound and its magnificent array of tabular icebergs, historical sites and Adelie and Gentoo Penguin rookeries. Depending on weather and ice conditions Silver Cloud might visit Brown Bluff, Hope Bay and cruise the Antarctic Sound.

Brown Bluff, (a 2,200-foot bluff on the Antarctic continent) is an ice-capped, 745-metre-high, flat-topped mountain with a prominent cliff of reddish-brown volcanic rock. The coastal area at the base of Brown Bluff is used by Adelie and Gentoo Penguins, Kelp Gulls, and Cape Petrels as a breeding area. Under good climatic conditions a walk onto a nearby glacier might be feasible.

Hope Bay has one of the largest Adelie Penguin colonies in Antarctica and a Zodiac cruise past the Argentine Station “Esperanza” will show some of the penguins, Weddell seals and Blue-eyed Shags.

Days 5–7 — Antarctic Peninsula

While sailing in Antarctica’s vast white wilderness, our itinerary will be flexible and in the true spirit of expedition cruising, each day the Expedition Leader and Captain will determine our best course depending on weather, ice conditions and wildlife we may encounter. Here are some of the places we may visit:

Cuverville Island was discovered by Gerlache’s Belgian Antarctic expedition of 1897–99. Large, bare rock areas provide nesting sites for Gentoo Penguins. Snow Petrels and Cape Petrels may also be seen, whilst Wilson’s Storm-petrels nest in the higher scree of the island. During Zodiac cruises, hauled-out Weddell seals are quite often encountered. Under good conditions one can climb part of Cuverville’s hill for spectacular panoramic views.

Paradise Bay is well named for its spectacular scenery of mountains, glaciers and icebergs. The Silver Cloud will sail past Argentina’s “Base Brown”, one of many Antarctic research stations. You can also view the wildlife from sea level while cruising in our Zodiacs. Apart from observing cormorants in the cliffs there is a good chance to see crabeater seals relaxing on ice floes; whales have been seen regularly.

Petermann Island is named for geographer August Petermann and was discovered by a German expedition in 1873-74.During our landing, we will be able to observe rookeries of Adelie Penguins, Gentoo Penguins and Blue-eyed Shags. Petermann has various geological features, especially rock surfaces showing glacial polish and some glacial grooving.

Pleneau Bay lies at the south end of the Lemaire Channel, and was first explored during Charcot’s 1903–05 French Antarctic Expedition. Gentoo Penguins, Kelp Gulls and South Polar Skuas are usually found breeding on Pleneau Island and Southern elephant seals are often hauled-out in wallows.Enjoy the spectacular scenery of icebergs nearby either from shore or during a Zodiac cruise.

Day 9 — South Shetland Islands

We will end our Antarctic sojourn in the South Shetland Islands.

Port Foster, Whalers Bay and Telefon Bay are all located in Deception Island, an excellent example of a caldera that can be reached from the sea. We plan to sail into the caldera through the narrow entrance called Neptune’s Bellows. Ashore Deception Island’s interesting history -from whaling to scientific studies- still shows remains of a former whaling station, including the boilers used to make whale oil in the early 1900s, and houses belonging to a British research base. The unique volcanic features of the area can be seen during hikes.

The Aitcho Islands have Gentoo and Chinstrap Penguin colonies. Southern Giant Petrels and skuas are never far from penguin rookeries and elephant seals quite often look for company near the landing site.

Days 9–10 — Drake Passage

Navigating our return through the Drake Passage, we will watch for seabirds and wildlife we may have missed on our initial crossing. There will be opportunities to attend additional presentations offered by the Expedition Team lecturers and to edit the many photos taken as we travel towards Ushuaia.

During the last afternoon, our Photographer/Videographer will show the Voyage –DVD.

Day 11 — Ushuaia, Argentina

After breakfast, disembark Silver Cloud.

*Itinerary details are subject to change. 

Cruise fares from $10,170.00 per guest.

Deposit by November 30, 2017 to include charter flights, hotels, transfers and secure $899 economy round-trip air fare to Santiago de Chile. 

Travel from Tromso to Reykjavik

July 22, 2019 to August 5, 2019

Be seduced by the jewels of Norway and Iceland, from abundant wildlife and dramatic landscapes, to the Midnight Sun follow in the wake of the Vikings to Greenland and Iceland. Explore Svalbard where the polar bear roams freely. Hike and Zodiac amid icebergs and spectacular tundra. Watch vast colonies of birds pocket the rugged cliffs, seals and walrus haul out on rocky outcrops, and whales spout and breach before your eyes.

Expedition Highlights:

  • In Svalbard Northern Region take a Zodiac cruise and look for seal, Black-legged Kittiwakes and Ivory Gulls. Search for polar bears and walrus. In the Southern Region enjoy the mystical fjords.
  • On the rugged coastline of Bear Island be witness to the largest bird colonies of the Northern Hemisphere. See Common Guillemots, Brünnich’s Guillemots, Little Auks, Northern Fulmars, and Glaucous Gulls.
  • Almost a hundred islands and rocks make up the Gjesverstappan Nature Reserve, one of Europe’s largest and most accessible nesting areas for Atlantic seabirds. From Zodiacs we may spot Atlantic Puffins, and watch for reindeer grazing the tundra.

Itinerary coming soon!

Cruise fares from $10,350.00 per guest.

This expedition with its abundant wildlife and dramatic landscapes will sell out quickly due to this unique itinerary and brief summer in this magical land.

Silver Cloud Expedition

After extensive refurbishment, Silver Cloud will be the most spacious and comfortable ice class vessel in expedition cruising. Her large suites, her destination itineraries and her unparalleled service make her truly special. Her five dining options will tantalise your taste buds and as 80% of her suites include a veranda, watching a breaching whale or a few cavorting penguins has never been so personal. Broad sweeping decks with multiple open spaces and a swimming pool complete what is surely the most distinctive expedition ship sailing today. A limited number of guests, particularly with just 200 in polar waters, mean that Silver Cloud has the highest space to guest and crew to guest ratios in expedition cruising. With her 16 zodiacs, 10 kayaks, possibilities are almost limitless with ship-wide simultaneous explorations. Finally, a team of up to 22  passionate and dedicated expedition experts are always at hand to ensure your voyage is enhanced every step of the way. 

Guests: 254

Crew: 223

Length: 514.14 Feet/ 156.7 Meters

Refurbished: 2017


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